If you already have travel insurance and would like to supply us with the policy details, please use the insurance details form.

Citiescapes Travel Insurance

Citiescapes require that everybody travelling on a Citiescapes tour have adequate travel insurance. We have a fully comprehensive policy available for anyone who requires it. Our policy includes cover for:

  • Cancellation
  • Curtailment
  • Accidents
  • Medical expenses
  • Baggage
  • Lost or stolen travel tickets
  • Delays
  • Lost passport
  • Travel Delay or Abandonment
  • Catastrophes
  • Missed Departures or Connections
  • Hijack
  • Hazardous Activities
  • Cancellation or Curtailment on Government Travel Advice
  • Sports equipment (E.G. Golf clubs or Ski equipment) (conditions apply)
  • Travel supplier insolvency

Cruise Protection Cover

This policy protects you should there be a situation where you are unable to meet your cruise departure time due to a delay to your flight. We will be able to make arrangements for you (up to the cost of €450) to join your cruise either by booking a replacement flight or one that would allow you to join the cruise at the next port of call or cover in the event that you have to abandon the cruise.

Vaild reasons for missing your departure:

1. Cruise Abandonment / Travel delay

Flight cancelled due to Strike, Adverse Weather, breakdown of aircraft/ air traffice control for more than 6 hours beyond scheduled departure AND original flight will not arrive on time for departure or failure to provide alternative flight to next port of call

2. Missed Departure on the Outward Journey:

Up to €450 for reasonable additional expenses to reach next port of call.

Why buy Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is there to PROTECT YOU against financial losses that can result from unexpected events like medical emergencies, cancellations or delays, loss or theft of personal belongings or tickets, or interruption or abandonment of your trip, allowing you to feel safe and secure, knowing that there are people to help you through anything that might happen, giving you PEACE OF MIND to enjoy your holiday without worry.

Policies available


1-5 Nights 6-7 Nights 8-19 Nights 20+ Nights Missed Cruise Connection
18-65 Years €15 €23 €25 €30 €6
66-69 Years €30 €35 €40 €58 €6
70-74 Years €37.50 €57.50 €62.50 €6
75-79 Years €45 €69 €75 €6


4-8 Nights 9-19 Nights 20+ Nights Missed Cruise Connection
18-65 Years €38 €45 €53 €6
66-69 Years €70 €90 €6
70-74 Years €95 €112 €132.50 €6
74-79 Years €115.50 €129 €149 €6


18-65 Years (55Club) 66-69 Years (55Club)
Europe €70 (€65) €120 (€100)
Worldwide €90 (€80) €148 (€130)

This policy contains restrictions regarding Pre-existing Medical Conditions relating to You, any non-insured travelling companions, Immediate Relatives and persons with whom You intend to stay whilst on Your trip. If You are in any doubt as to whether You would be covered by the policy please call the Insurance Medical Screening Helpline.

The details of this insurance policy can be downloaded here

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