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Citiescapes Insurance

The Citiescapes Insurance page is an area of our website dedicated to our travellers, and those joining us for the first time, where you can learn more about the Company and our services, and glean both general and specific information on various aspects of travel.

Comments: A selection of comments from our past and present clients.

FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

Gift Vouchers: Travel makes a wonderful gift. Available from €50 to €1,500 and personalisable with a special message, you can purchase gift vouchers by filling out this form.

Insurance details: Supply details of your insurance policy in advance of travel by calling us or filling out this form.

Visa Information: Some Citiescapes tours explore countries where a visa is required for entry. Visa and other entry requirements are explained on this page.

Weather: Some countries are better experienced at certain times of year, due to favourable weather. Check the average monthly weather on this page.